Tarabut Gateway

Tarabut Gateway


Enabling a New World of Financial Services

MENA’s first and largest regulated Open Banking platform (AISP & PISP) that connects a regional network of banks and FinTechs via a universal application programming interface (API).

By offering tools that allow the facilitation and distribution of personalized financial services, Tarabut Gateway enables financial institutions to build a new world of financial services in MENA

Tarabut Gateway is MENA’s first and largest regulated platform and the first graduate from Central of Bank of Bahrain’s regulatory sandbox. With offices across Bahrain, UAE and United Kingdom, Tarabut Gateway went live with its API infrastructure in December 2019, and is already a dedicated technology partner for the leading banks in Bahrain. In early 2020, Tarabut Gateway raised a record breaking seed funding for MENA FinTech start-up of $13 million. In October 2020, Tarabut Gateway expanded its presence in MENA, establishing offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. In May 2021, Tarabut Gateway and Riyad Bank agreed to collaborate on development of an open innovation platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In September 2021, Tarabut Gateway was the first to launch Open Banking payments in the region with TG Pay. 

The business is led by Abdulla Almoayed, CEO and founder of Tarabut Gateway, who has over 15 years of investment experience across various sectors, especially focusing on digital transformation of the MENA region. He is a strong advocate for putting data ownership into the hands of the consumer and increasing access to financial services through emerging technologies.