HF Capital is a Neo Investment Bank making IPOs simple, fast and easy. We’re unlocking access to public markets for thousands of growth companies.

HF Capital by Hackers/Founders is an adviser to global growth-stage tech companies, offering an alternative to venture capital and private equity. Early-stage IPOs provide a lower cost of capital and unlock a virtually unlimited fundraising machine.

Through Hackers/Founders, we’ve built one of the world’s largest dealflow networks of high-growth technology companies. Our software platform streamlines and automates the small-cap IPO process. We guide companies through the entire listing process.

We’re capital markets geeks. We advised the SEC on accessing capital for small businesses. Interviewed 18 stock exchanges. Helped dozens of global companies raise millions in capital in Silicon Valley. What we learned is that raising growth capital is hard and going public is even harder, the process is needlessly obscure, cumbersome, and ripe for disruption, so we’re fixing it.