Codebase Technologies

Codebase Technologies


Codebase Technologies is one of the world's fastest-growing open API banking solutions providers.

With a vision to "to disrupt the way technology is used, for a greater purpose," we engineer impactful digital financial experiences for conventional and Islamic banks, fintechs, neobanks, lenders, and start-ups.

We have launched several digital, challenger, and neobanks and financial propositions across the UAE, Malaysia, Bahrain, UK, and Africa with a proven success rate and unparalleled speed to market. As a result, Codebase Technologies has grown exponentially as a digital banking technology pioneer in the global banking industry.

Our award-winning Digibancâ„¢ Suite is a cloud-enabled, API-driven, and highly adaptable digital banking platform allowing institutions to deliver inclusive digital financial services. Our open architecture embraces a diverse ecosystem of partners and vendors, driving collaborative experiences across the financial services landscape. The Digibancâ„¢ Suite is built on a modular micro-services architecture providing a robust and agile environment to launch new financial products at scale.

With a deep culture of innovation and excellence, Codebase Technologies are helping bring forward the next generation of digital transformation and banking worldwide.