CBDC Launchpad - Proof of Value Proposition for CBoJ (1)

R3 Corda Open Core

Corda Open Source is best-in-class among all open-source blockchains for building and deploying applications that deliver true value, in the smallest amount of time, across the broadest possible set of use-cases.

  • Committed to Corda interoperability: transact freely with any Corda node under any license.
  • A growing community supported by a mission-driven company.
  • Exploring an open-source approach to support M0.

CBDC Launchpad Elements

Phased Approach


Proof of Concept, Suitcase like Delivery

  • Instant win for Central Bank – working enterprise quality of CBDC solution, going beyond the testbed; Launchpad for all future CBDC services.
  • UAB gets instant feedback on CDBC subset of services, implementation challenges; building cross-regional, larger database of interests and local differences.
  • 6-8 weeks, concertation on the immediate “win”.


Capacity Building & Policy Design Support

  • Instant start for Central Bank – single node demo environment, start point for the regional Proof-of-Concept.
  • UAB coordinates CDBC requirements with CBoJ to build cross-regional set of products.
  • Basic training in CBDC Sandbox technology.
  • 3-4 weeks, “out-of-the-box” demo.


Customisation and MVP Launch

  • Central Bank gets dedicated CBDC product with set of customisation allowing the initial launch with few Retail Banks as partners.
  • UAB gets access co common elements of CorDApps (speeding up deployments in other regions), ability to shape and coordinate offerings, implement the first wave of cross-region products (international settlements, payments, FX exchange, trade finance).
  • 10-12 weeks, set of dedicated services, production readiness.



  • Central Bank has a set of tools, set up the governance and access methods for all CBDC market participants.
  • UAB becomes a source of standards, certifications and cross-regional governance reference point.
  • The duration of this phase is individually agreed upon, depending on the number and complexity of additional services, partners, and available trained SMEs.