Capacity Building

We believe transformation starts with building the right capabilities, both human and technology related.
As such, UABdigital have curated a world-class portfolio of capacity building activities that an assist member institutions strategize, plan, execute and sustain their digital transformation undertakings in a cost/time effective manner.
The services we offer with the Union’s global partners fall under 6 categories.


General institutional knowledge, accreditation, & practice for entire staff, leaders up to C-Suite, and into the Boardroom where applicable.
In partnership with several global providers and associations such as Global Innovation Institute, LexisNexis, S2E Transformation Inc., and Moves The Needle.


Frameworks are imperative when undertaking digital transformation to safeguard the investments made and to ensure every move is contributing, in a measurable manner, to reaching the desired business outcomes and meeting the aspired customer experience.
UABdigital is now pioneering with a nonproprietary framework for digital business transformation guided by the Business Architecture discipline.


In partnership with carefully selected global banking innovation technology vendors, UABdigital have established capabilities to assist member institutions rationalize, deploy, and adopt cutting-edge innovative solutions in the domains of Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology, Biometrics, Cloud, as well as other
applicable emerging technologies.


As an essential part of fostering corporate innovation and intrapreneurship, member institutions will be required to establish corporate innovation capabilities in a sustainable manner.
Be it a Digital Lab, Garage, Factory, or any other setup, UABdigital together with their business partners are fully equipped to setup banking innovation and fintech labs that deliver world-class innovation thus allowing member institutions to leapfrog.


From conception to inception, be it a spin-off or a whole new venture by itself, UABdigital are positioned to craft feasibility studies, strategies, execution tactics, and deployment plans for an end-to-end Digital Bank. The Union is uniquely positioned to design with the Arab Banks Innovation Council (ABIC) and our business partners a Model Digital Bank that can be leveraged and localized for UAB’s member institutions regardless the geography.


It is a well-known fact that the availability of local regulatory sandboxes is a prerequisite for member institutions to thrive in the digital economy and compete with global financial institutions. UABdigital is committed to work closely with the central banks and local monetary authorities to develop adequate sandboxes that enable member institutions to prepare for Open Banking. UABdigital has equipped itself with the necessary capabilities to design, advise, and implement sandboxes with central banks as well as open banking strategy execution with commercial banks wanting to take their institutions to the next level through APIs.