About Us

UABdigital is the ecosystem digital transformation arm of the Union of Arab Banks, the representative association of the banking sector in the Arab region with over 360 members including commercial and investment banks, 20 local banking associations, and 20 central banks. Established in April 2020, UABdigital orchestrates the banking innovation within the ecosystem by connecting the supply side, including regional FinTech Hubs and global FinTechs, with the demand side represented by the Union’s member-base for the greater good of the Arab banking sector. UABdigital facilitates multi-stakeholder dialogues and drives the industry shaping digital agenda with initiatives that include Ecosystem Digital Capacity Building, Pan-Arab Digital Banking Innovation Platform, Open Banking, Digital Banks Regulatory Frameworks, partnership between FinTechs and incumbents, and Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) amongst others. UABdigital operates as part of the General Secretariat of the Union of Arab Banks headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon.