Capacity Building

We believe transformation starts with building the right capabilities, both human and technology related.

As such, UABdigital have curated a world-class portfolio of capacity building activities that can assist member institutions strategize, plan, execute and sustain

their digital transformation undertakings in a cost/time effective manner.

Insights Lab

UABdigital have established world-class digital insights capabilities to bring to UAB members market-specific insights and foresights about emerging technology, digital transformation, and FinTech.

The Union member institutions can now benefit from a highly competitive digital research capabilities that is fully aligned with the Union’s peculiarities, needs, and aspirations.

Banking Innovation Marketplace

In order to cope with the ever- changing market conditions and the disruption, UAB members require access to an intuitive online platform through which they can source proven innovations.
In response to that, UABdigital, with our partners EarlyBirds, have prepared to roll out the EarlyBirds platform that offers full orchestration of banking innovation supply and demand.

FinTech Hub

Launching the first Arab banks co- hosted incubator and accelerator is a key component of the UABdigital strategy. UABdigital is partnering with several leading FinTech organizations, venture capitals and private equity as well as member banks and global associations, to create the first digital banking accelerator to nurture breakthrough innovations in full alignment with demand.

The Ecosystem Digital Transformation arm of the Union of Arab Banks

Established in April 2020 under the Umbrella of the Union of Arab Banks, UABdigital is a department of the General Secretariat of UAB that is tasked to assist member banks accelerate their institutions’ digital transformations undertakings.

Setting the standard for global digital banking innovation.

Support and strengthen our member banks at the various stages in their digital journeys, serve them where and when they need us, and realize our vision to be a global digital leader banking ecosystem.

Innovation, Consulting & Scouting

The services of UABdigital span the entire spectrum of training, consulting, and technology implementation services required by incumbent banks to leapfrog and transition into digitally transformed business models at speed using 3rd party accelerators developed by UABdigital technology partners.




  • Crowdsourcing Platform
  • Business Architecture Baselining
  • Neo Banking
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • AI-powered Customer Acquisition

Early Adopters

  • Sandbox Design and Implementation (Central Banks)
  • Customer Experience Design
  • Business Model Innovation

Early Majority

  • Capabilities Building
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Benchmarking
  • Innovation Practice Establishment
  • Mobile Services Portfolio Design and Implementation
  • Market Survey

Late Majority

  • Capabilities Building
  • Infrastructure Sizing
  • Technology Road-mapping
  • Transformation Project Management
  • Light-weight innovation design and implementation
  • Market Analysis